RISE congratulates Ewine van Dishoeck with Kavli prize

Ewine van Dishoeck, Professor of Molecular Astrophysics, was presented with the Kavli Prize by King Harald V of Norway during a ceremony on 4 September in Oslo. The prize consists of a gold medal and one million dollars.

The Norwegian Academy of  Sciences and Arts awarded the prize to Ewine Van Dishoeck for her pioneering research on the origin of stars and planets. With her observations, theory and experiments, she has made an important contribution to our understanding of so-called interstellar clouds: large nebulae of gas and dust that are the birthplace of planets and stars. She has shown how molecules are formed in these interstellar clouds, which evolve further and clump together to form building blocks for complete planetary systems such as our own solar system.

Read the full original news item of Leiden University here >> 

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