Womxn, RISE to the top

In a reaction to the Nature Communications paper ‘The association between early career informal mentorship in academic collaborations and junior author performance’, the network Researchers In Science for Equality makes her stance.

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The Network RISE stands in support of all scientists who identify as womxn across cultures, races, ethnicities, religions, disability status, sexual orientation, and career stage. RISE is taking the opportunity to reaffirm this support in light of the controversy surrounding a recent Nature Communications paper.

RISE understands that the progress and achievements of historically marginalized groups, including womxn, should be evaluated within the context of the outward and implicit biases that remain across the environmental sciences. We encourage womxn across all sectors to mentor protégés. The role of senior and mid-career womxn in modeling and promoting how to be a successful scientist in a rapidly changing world is critical to maintaining diversity in the sciences.

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