Parting of Carel Stolker

On February 8, Carel Stolker will step down as Rector Magnificus of Leiden University. Under his leadership in recent years, Leiden University took important steps in the promotion of diversity and inclusivity. As a parting gift, Carel Stolker donated to the “Leiden Empowerment Fonds” (LEF) to support first-generation students and scientists.

First-generation students and scientists encounter all kinds of barriers during their studies and research. These students might, amongst others, experience significantly less access to networks, both within and outside the university.

RISE will contribute in the support of first-generation students. First generation students may face difficulties in finding and reaching out to role models. In 2021, RISE will organize a workshop on “Role models”. This workshop will focus on bridging the gap between junior and more senior scientists and aims to provide applicable advices about starting and growing in the academic world. RISE is pleased to announce that Carel Stolker will be opening this workshop. All the first generation students and woman of Leiden University are invited to participate.

Here a link to a word of thanks of Carel Stolker (in Dutch only) >>

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