‘Diversity should be a given’ D&I Symposium 2023.

‘It’s important to critically reflect on the words we use, and how they impact others. Inclusion starts by recognizing that our experiences and perspectives differ, that our own experiences are not universal and that we cannot speak for others.’ – Annetje Ottow

Inclusive communication can make people feel like the belong. How should we use language  accomplish this? That was the theme of this year’s Diversity and Inclusion symposium. Speeches were given by Wayne Modest, Mounir Samuel after which Annetje Ottow joined them in a panel discussion. Furthermore, the Declaration of Equity was presented at the symposium. Already 51 student associations have signed the document. Study associations that still want to sign the Declaration of Equity can contact the Study Association Deliberation Platform (StOP).

For the full article about the D&I symposium by Leiden University click here >>>

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