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Meet our board

The RISE network is run on a voluntary basis by female scientists of the Faculty of Science. If you are interested in joining the board or act as a spokesperson of the network at your institute to motivate our top female scientists to join our activities, please contact us by sending an email to


Prof.dr. Miranda van Eck










Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research, BioTherapeutics


“We are more than just a nice networking platform, we also catalyse real change at the policy level to improve the working climate for female scientists at our faculty.”



Prof. dr. Martina Vijver








Institute of Environmental Sciences,             Conservation Biology.


“My ambition with RISE is that it brings female scientists together, gives them fun and at the same time has a function of members being role models for starting scientists.”


Meet our members

The RISE network currently has 74 active members. Interested in meeting them, please become a member by completing the form in this following link and join one of our events.


Meet our supporters

Prof. dr. Geert de Snoo
Dean                                                  Faculty of Science







“At the Faculty of Science, women, especially in the higher scientific echelons, are underrepresented. This is why we want to improve the number of female full professors and Tenure Trackers. I strongly believe the women’s network RISE is vital for the Faculty to become an attractive workplace for all female talent.”

Prof. dr. Han de Winde
Vice-dean (until 2018)                        Faculty of Science








“As vice-dean of the Faculty of Science I carry responsibility for all our education programs. While student numbers are steadily growing, a rapidly increasing number of our students is female. The women-in-science network RISE shows our female students that a career in science is as well possible for them as for their male fellow students. It is extremely important for science to improve the gender balance. The RISE network provides female students with clear role models, helping them rise to the occasion!”

Prof. dr. Eric Eliel
Scientific director (until 2018)             Leiden Institute of Physics







“Leiden Science, where the Web of Scientific Discovery, Excellence and Innovation is woven with equal opportunity for men and women.”

Eric Eliel was the first winner of the RISE award.


Prof. dr. Herman Spaink
Scientific director                           Institute Biology Leiden







“At the beautiful Faculty of Science in Leiden, the RISE network will strive for further improvement and guidance towards higher standards of gender equality, a commodity which is also highly needed at Dutch universities in general.”




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