RISE Biennial Report 2019-2021

RISE, the Researchers In Science for Equality network, proudly presents her third biennial report. The report covers RISE’s activities, insights, and highlights in the period September 2019-September 2021. This includes workshop summaries, advice to the Faculty regarding the diversity policy and some ‘hands on’ advices to act upon inclusion (page 22-23).

We are proud of what we have achieved in the past two years and we look forward to creating a positive impact for researchers in the years to come, together with all of you! We are very grateful for the input and efforts provided by our RISE members.

Here you can download the RISE biennial report 2019-2021.


RISE Biennial Report 2017-2019

Hereby we proudly present our second biennial RISE report. We have matured and developed from creating awareness in diversity and gender bias to becoming a respected partner in diversity policy at the Science Faculty.

The RISE community thrives on initiatives from its members and we encourage you to keep attending our meetings and to send us your issues and suggestions. We will keep you posted via mail messages to our members and via this website. Together we form a powerful instrument to create equal opportunity and generate university policies.

Please be inspired by our realised efforts, published in the vibrant new 2017-2019 report below.

Here you can download the RISE biennial report 2017-2019.


RISE Biennial Report 2015-2017

RISE, the Researchers In Science for Equality network, proudly presents her first biennual report. It summarizes the activities and events that were organized for RISE members as well as for employees of the Faculty of Sciences, Leiden University in the period September 2015-September 2017.

We are very proud of what we have been able to achieve the past period, with the help and active participation of many of our members. The colors blending together on the cover of the report represent the increase in gender equality and the diverse teams with colorful people that RISE is striving for. We are convinced that our network, within our faculty, has made a significant contribution in this aspect the past two years and we of course will continue doing so in the years to come.

Here you can download the RISE biennial report 2015-2017.


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