Petition for equal and fair maternity leave:

Dear RISE-member,

We would gladly bring this call for reform of the Dutch Tenure TrackPolicy to your attention:

Currently the Dutch maternity/paternity-policy during the tenure is seriously lacking necessary flexibility. Especially with regard to female scientists.

While in the US the tenure clock for women is stopped for one year for every child born during this period, the Dutch Policy provides no such formal arrangement. This omission in the Dutch Maternity Policy discourages talented female scientists to combine a family with academic life.

RISE acknowledges the urgency for legal improvements, and to stop the tenure clock for parents after having a child, or provide a longer contract with space for extension(s).

Therefore we gladly join many other female scientists in this joined action with DEWIS (TU Delft Women in Science), LNVH (Dutch network of Women Professors) and De Jonge Academy (Young Academy of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences ).




Warm regards,

Miranda van Eck, Martina Vijver

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