Three women of Faculty of Science in Leiden Top 50

Today, on International Women’s Day 2020, Feminist Evolution Leiden (FEL) presented the first edition of the Leiden Top 50 to Marleen Damen, member of the city council. The list is comprised of 50 women who made a difference in Leiden during the past year.

We are very proud that out of a total of 280 nominations 3 top female scientists of our Faculty of Science were selected for the Leiden Top 50, including:

  • Martina Vijver (professor at the Institute of Environmental Sciences) in the category BioScience Park for being a driving force behind the Living Lab, a very special outdoor research station at the BioScience Park to investigate the harmfulness of substances in a natural environment.
  • Felienne Hermans (associate professor at the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science) in the category Education for ¬†performing research on teaching children about programming ¬†and translating it into practice.
  • Irene Groot (associate professor at the Leiden Institute of Chemistry) in the category Science and Higher Education for her research on the production of sustainable materials and being a role model in a man’s world and her commitment to the next generation of science scientists through the RISE women’s network.

Moreover, Aya Ezawa as a diversity officer at Leiden University was selected for the Leiden Top 50in recognition of her commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive university,

The jury of “wise women” consisted of Marleen Hogendoorn, Carolien Stolte, Pim van Vliet, Angela van Steijn, Gemma Lago, Hanneke de Winter and Fien van Rossum. Together with initiators Liang de Beer and Jenny Bruin, they compiled the Leiden Top 50 list and appointed the ambassador Kirsten Zitman, director of iDoe, an organisation that connects volunteers and organisation.

Click here to view the full list of selected women.



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