Worsening and Closure of the Gender Pay Gap at our Faculty

In 2018 several meetings were held with the members of RISE and the dean on equal pay and a possible gender pay gap between female scientific staff as compare to male colleagues. Based on data from 2016, in June 2017 a report was published by Prof. dr. Dr Belle Derks on the financial reward of male and female scientists at Leiden University. Derks stated that the pay gap at our Faculty of Sciences was relatively large, particularly in the job category Professor 2. The Faculty Board has had an additional analysis carried out to increase the insight in the results of the Belle Derks report and noted similar differences. All individual cases that deviated from the average group were examined in more detail. This did not show a disadvantage for women who were rated lower. Therefore, no correction has been made for those cases at that time. Now, from the memo “Beloningsverschillen tussen mannelijke en vrouwelijke wetenschappers 2018” (UR/20/11593), discussed in the University Council on Monday May 18 2020, it can be concluded that in the period 2016-2018 the gender pay gap has worsened and actually required compensation. We are happy that the increased awareness on the importance of equal pay between men and women actually resulted in action. The next step will be to prevent widening of the pay gap from occurring again in the future!


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