Sculpting diversity at Leiden University

A news article has been published on Leiden University’s website concerning three initiatives at Leiden University, which literally and figuratively sculpt a more diverse image of the academic history.

For the first time, two sculptures of female scientists have been placed in the university’s sculpture garden. The sculptures of classists Ms Ineke Sluiter and astronomer Ms Ewine van Dishoeck were revealed by rector magnificus Mr. Carel Stolker and the new president of the university’s executive board, Ms Annetje Ottow. According to the article, more sculptures of female scientists will be added in the future.

Furthermore, a historical research on the background of students and scientists, called “Linking diversity and the university” led by Ms Ariadne Schmidt is being conducted jointly by the Data Science Research Programme and the Institute for History to gain more insights in historical diversity within the academic community.

Finally, author Ms Dorrit van Dalen published her new book, Rap 73, about the Acadamy Building, highlighting a variety of scientists, staff and students who have a special bond with the Academy Building.

For the full article, which is available in Dutch only, please follow this link.

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