Watch RISE at the opening of the academic year

The Faculty of Science kicked off the new academic year on September 21st with a special ‘We Are Science’ talk show. Acting dean Paul Wouters hosted the talk show and received a wide variety of guests, including the RISE board consisting of Miranda van Eck, Martina Vijver and Irene Groot.

“Six years ago we were still pioneers, now we are a role model for young female scientists,” says Groot. “Ultimately, RISE promotes an inclusive work environment for everyone and that does not happen automatically,” states Van Eck. “That is why we have to constantly ask the question of how we can more prominently put these themes on the agenda at the Faculty of Science.” According to Van Eck, this must become a recurring theme when it comes to the university’s policies. Vijver adds that the movement must come from all levels of the Faculty; “we have to enter into discussions and listen carefully to each other”. The board presented RISE’s Biennial Report 2019-2021 – covering,  among others, RISE’s activities, insights and highlights in the past two years – to both the acting dean, as well as the future dean, Jasper Knoester.

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(The following timestamps in the video involve RISE: 00:40 – 00:46 Introduction RISE; 04:36 – 06:35 Miranda on on-campus teaching; 11:03 – 19:51 RISE interview)

Click here to download the RISE Biennial Report 2019-2021

Click here to read the full news item at the website of Leiden University

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