LNVH presents the 2022 Women Professors Monitor: From milestone to alarm bell

On December 8th 2022, the Dutch Network of Women Professors presented the 2022 Women Professors Monitor. The Monitor offers insight into the current ratio of men to women in academia and an overview of the current percentages of male and female professors in academic management at Dutch universities, university medical centers and other academic organizations.

In short, the percentage of women professors working at Dutch universities rose  with 1.0 percentage point in comparison with the previous year to 26.7%. However, there are no milestones in the 2022 Monitor, only alarm bells. That is because the 1.0 percentage point increase is the lowest increase in female professors in the past five years. It is predicted that it will take until 2041 before an equal gender distribution among professors is reached.

Leiden University is in the top three universities of the Netherlands, scoring above average in the 2022 monitor with the percentage of female professors rising to 31.2%.


Click here to read the full news item on the LNVH website.

Click here to download the 2022 Women Professors Monitor.

Click here to read the full news item on the Leiden University website.

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