Travelers defense course for female staff members of Leiden university

Many female fieldwork researchers representing Leiden University in various parts of the world are confronted with circumstances that directly involve local gendered perspectives, despite the numerous victories the feminist movement has achieved in recent decades. Problems span a wide range of complexity, from little acts of violence to overt physical hostility.

To that end, Leiden University is offering a training for female staff members who, due to gender norms in their fieldwork or research locations, are disadvantageous or vulnerable. The aim of this training is to first enhance the confidence of participants before, during, and after their interactions with local stakeholders. Then, it will focus on strengthening and developing a specific set of skills to prevent, recognize, manage, and solve- when possible- potentially risky situations.

Note: this is a pilot project. The project later may be extended to other focus groups that face difficulties. Spots are limited make sure to sign up on time.

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