More inclusive fieldwork through breaking the menstruation taboo

Almost half of the global population menstruates at some stage of life, and there is growing evidence that menstruation contributes to student absenteeism and the bias in which more men than women tend to work in challenging field conditions. If we can’t do a few simple things to break down the menstruation taboo, we’re failing to make science truly inclusive.

A scientist sits outside of her tent with laptop in the Arctic climate.

This taboo makes it mainly harder for women to participate in field-based sciences, geoscience, archaeology, biology, etc.

The Nature article presents six simple ways to address the stigma around periods in fieldwork settings, regardless of how extreme or long the trip is. The authors are committing to these steps as teachers and researchers, hoping that it will make field-based professions more inclusive at every career stage.

More information, you can find >>>here.

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