Aya Ezawa new Diversity Officer

Dr. Aya Ezawa has been appointed as Diversity Officer of Leiden University, effective May 13th, 2019.

As a successor of Isabel Hoving, Ezawa will collaborate closely with the vice-rector and manager of the D&I portfolio Hester Bijl and the figurehead on behalf of the deans, Pancras Hogendoorn, in the development and facilitation of Leiden’s Diversity and Inclusion policy. A central goal in the coming period will be to work toward not only a diverse, but also an inclusive learning and work environment, curriculum and research agenda in cooperation with Administration and Central Services, Expertise Centers, faculties and institutes in the implementation of the university’s diversity policy.

Ezawa is a sociologist was educated and worked in Japan, the UK, and the US; her research focuses on gender, ethnicity, social inequality, and social policy. Since 2012, Ezawa has contributed to the establishment of Leiden University’s diversity policy.

If you have questions or suggestions, or would like to join efforts in the building of an inclusive working and learning community, please contact her at diversiteit@leidenuniv.nl.

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