Minutes RISE event: Closing the Gender Pay Gap

Today, during a RISE breakfast in De Stal at the BioScience Park we discussed with our members the Gender Pay Gap and RISE activities for 2018.


Gender Pay Gap at the Faculty of Science

At universities women receive on average a lower salary as compared to male colleagues of the same age with the same job level. Recent independent research performed at our Faculty of Science showed that a similar problem holds for female scientists at our Faculty. RISE and its members highly appreciate that this independent research into the numbers at our Faculty was performed. It clearly shows that the Faculty board acknowledges the importance that women at our Faculty are rewarded equally. During the breakfast the underlying causes and possibilities to close the Gender Pay Gap were discussed. A possible reason that came across was that female scientists do not (or are not very good) at negotiating a raise. It appeared that several of the participants of the meeting never considered that they could actually ask for a raise when  e.g. a very important research grant was obtained. Moreover,  it was discussed that it is currently unclear if there are any gender differences in the “dowry” that scientists receive upon appointment as tenure tracker or professor. The general idea was that women might be satisfied earlier.



Women, stand up and ask for a raise!

As women at the Faculty of Science we really need to stand up more! RISE therefore encourages everybody to discuss their pay in relation to the Gender Pay Gap at yearly Performance & Development interviews. To help you all, we are planning to organise a workshop on imposter syndrome and negotiation skills in the near future.  More information will be communicated via our website (www.rise.nu) soon.


Please download the minutes of the meeting here: RISE march 2018_minutes

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